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What are the pros and cons of attending a football recruiting camp at a school that has offered a scholarship?

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What are the pros and cons of attending a football recruiting camp at a school that has offered a scholarship?I had an interesting comment regarding a recent article that I wrote that related to summer football camps, scholarships, and evaluations.  And because Randy was nice enough to ask, I thought I would take the time and write an article about what he wanted to know.

The situation is that his son has received a scholarship offer from a college program.  And while most of the summer camps are now wrapped up, what the parent wanted to know is what are the pros and cons of attending a camp to a school that has already extended a scholarship offer.  Should you do it or is this something that you should be worried about getting your offer pulled?

Before going into the article, I think this is a great question and I appreciate the comment.  As I have said before, I am happy to consider writing about any subject that readers want to hear about.  I won’t do everything but I will definitely take it into consideration.  If there is something you want to read about, feel free to comment on this article.

Pros of attending a football recruiting camp at a school that has offered:
You will have a great opportunity to work with the coaching staff.  If you are still open during the football recruiting process, going to camps will give you a first hand look of the position coach that you would be working with over the next four or five years.  This is a great way to get a feel for the coach and showcase what you can do for the school.

It is also a relationship builder with not only your position coach but also the entire coaching staff.  If there is a scholarship offer on the table, I would assume any good coaching staff would be doing everything they could to show you attention.  You are being kind enough to come to their camp even though you already have an offer.  They will be doing everything they can to make you feel wanted.

Doing an overnight camp is also great because it gives you a much better feel for the campus.  Most overnight visits at college programs don’t happen until the fall during official visits.  While a football camp cannot replicate what it is like with college students on campus, it does give you a chance to check out the dorms, walk the campus, and just learn more about the school in general.  That really is something you cannot replicate.

If you do an excellent job there, you may also help yourself in the eyes of the coaching staff.  They may have had you ranked as the third best offensive line recruit still on the board but you end up just dominating.  If you are uncommitted, they may crank up their recruiting attention to you and make it positive how bad they need you at their school.  Play well enough and there could be a car and a bag of money waiting for you (that last line was a joke).

Cons of attending a football recruiting camp at a school that has offered:
The major con is pretty obvious here.  If I go to a school that has offered me a scholarship and I just suck, will they take my scholarship?  It would be a pride hit for the coaching staff because admitting that you offered an athlete who is terrible will be difficult.  But if you are not good enough, I am willing to bet that the recruiting interest they show you suddenly slows down.  They don’t show as much attention and the letters slow down.  They may have sent an offer letter but there may be some questions regarding if the scholarship is really on the table.

But what happens if I already committed to the school and they were my only scholarship?  I come to the camp and then struggle.  I can’t say there is a definite answer for every situation but my feeling is this.  A college coach at the highest level earns millions of dollars to win football games.  To win football games, they need the best players at each position possible.  If you have been offered and have committed but suck at their camp over a good stretch of time, I wouldn’t be surprised if they pull the offer.

The reason is because if the coach wants to continue earning millions of dollars each year, they need athletes who can help them in the future to win games.  If you are getting dominated against high school players, you won’t be helping against college players in the future.  There may be a good amount of backlash for the coaching staff but in all honesty it is worth it for them to cut the cord as quickly as possible.

However, I would strongly say that I have never heard this situation happen.  The reason is because the majority of coaching staffs put in so much time and effort to give evaluations to recruits that they usually know what they are getting (especially if they offer before the summer camp even happens).  These coaches are paid big money to recruit as well so they should know what they are doing.

Outside of that, I don’t think there are too many cons.  If you have an offer, there is a reason why it is on the table.  Go into the camp confident, listen to the coaches, and work to become a better player.  You shouldn’t have any problem outside of that.

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  1. Chris Sherrod July 27, 2009

    Do you endorse the recruiting websites that advertise on your website?
    MJF, NCS….

  2. admin July 27, 2009

    Those ads are brought to the site by Google so I have nothing to do with which ones are picked.

    Do I endorse them? In certain situations, sure. If a family has more money than time, I definitely think they can help at times. However, I think no matter what service you decide on, handing everything over to someone else is a mistake. This is something that the entire family should be involved with.

  3. Victoria Muller July 5, 2011

    If a coach calls you to attend a one day football camp and you can not attend does that hurt your possbility of the staff looking at you during the football season? Maybe you can’t get to the camp because a parent is not around to drive . What do you think?