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Should I attend an underclassmen combine to help my football recruiting?

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Should I attend an underclassmen combine?One thing that has started to get more popular over the past few years is an underclassmen football combine. As opposed to the Nike Camps and other combines mostly for juniors and a few specific sophomores. Underclassmen camps on the other hand are for athletes that are either freshman or sophomores.

They have started to pop up all throughout the country. The big difference between them and the Nike Camp, outside of the fact that they want to bring in more younger athletes, is that they actually charge for athletes to participate. The Nike Camp brings in athletes and does not make them pay. So does putting money up for the camp make a difference?

The reason to attend a camp that costs money is to get recognition coaches or recruiting experts that are there. The good news is at these camps, there should be writers from and the information is then passed onto coaches. Last year, I know at least one athlete who ended up receiving his first scholarship offer at an underclassmen combine.

If money is an issue, I would not recommend going to the camp. There is no reason to spend somewhere around $80 for one day to showcase your skills. If you have done some great things on the football field yourself, maybe you should invest that money into putting a highlight video together.

If money is not an issue and the travel time is limited, then there is no reason to not attend. It will give you a chance to showcase your skills with athletes in your area and see how you stack up. And if you do well enough, you will be on the radar of those working there and that could help you in the long run.

The biggest thing you are trying to do is get your name out there. And if you are good enough that this will help, then do it.

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