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Making a Highlight Video

When making highlight videos to send out to coaches, it is important for recruits to tailor make their tape depending on what sport they want to play at the college level. With that in mind, we will be taking an inside look at what should be part of a football highlight video. On the DVDs I have made in the past for college football coaches, they have consisted of three different parts. These pieces will be discussed in order of importance:

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1.) The Highlight Video: Unless you are among the top football players in the country, you will not receive a scholarship offer just based on the highlight portion of your tape. But this is the time that college coaches will finally get a chance to see your best players over the course of your career. In a lot of cases, the coach will make a decision either to pursue you as a recruit or take you off of your list. So when it comes down to it, this really is a vital part of the recruiting process. I have read conflicting reports about how many highlight clips should be included in this segment and they vary from 12 to 30,depending on the course. But I have also seen highlight videos that last over ten minutes and include any clip from the previous season. No offense, but a five yard gain but the middle will not help recruiting. So with that in mind, try to keep the clips anywhere from 15 to 30 plays and under five minutes if possible. With the amount of tapes that these coaches have to go through, few have more than five minutes to spare on each prospect.

When picking out these clips, it is important that the quality of video is as good as you can get. If you are a parent, you may have to tape the games yourself. It may be tough to do this, but if it could help your son get a scholarship, it may be worth it. Also speak with the head coach of the team to see what kind of video footage you can get your hands on. It seems that the bigger the school, the better quality of tape but that really can vary from school to school.

In a lot of cases, it may be worth the initial investment to have a professional produce your highlight DVD. Now that doesn’t mean you have to spend in the thousands to get a quality product. I would advise checking out or a local site that could help.  The site linked above can produce ten DVDs for under $400.00. You do not need a flashy DVD either. If your son can play, it should show on that tape.

Please check out both videos before continuing. In example one, it is obvious where the recruited player is on the field. For coaches, they make their life much easier trying to figure out where the player is. In example two, it is tough to tell where the player is and the game footage is not exactly high quality. It is important to make a good first impression with your highlight tape so seriously consider getting it professionally done unless you or a coach has the ability to put together a quality product.

2.) Full Game Tape: If a college coach is impressed with the highlight tape of an athlete, he will want to see more of the athlete. That is why it is important for that the DVD sent to the college coach includes a full game. This coach can learn a lot about the player through a highlight tape but will get to see the player in all of their glory on the full game tape. They will be able to see if the player takes plays off, his demeanor around teammates, how hard he plays every down, and a lot of other aspects that are missing from a highlight tape. For recruits that coaches are serious about, these game tapes may be even more important than the highlight video.

As a recruit, it is important to pick your best game of the season. If the coaches are serious about you as a player, they may spend the hour to watch the entire tape to see what type of player you are from the start to the end of the game. Your performance, effort, and ability on the full game tape is important. Coaches may decide to request even more game tape after this as well.

3.) Contact Information and Vitals: No matter if the coach has been in contact with you or not, make sure to include contact information that includes home phone number, cell phone number, email address, and home address. These are vital if the coach has not been in contact with you. Also try to include your jersey number on the tape, height, weight, bench press, 40 time, squat, and anything else of interest. Do no overrated these stats as well. There was a story a few years back that on tape showed a recruit running the 40-yard dash and after he finishes, it shows the coaches saying 4.4 seconds. The coaches watched the tape over and timed the dash themselves. It ended up being in the range of 4.7seconds. That is not a way to introduce yourself to coaches.