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How do I get an ESPN Scouts Inc. Recruiting Profile?

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How do I get an ESPN Scouts Inc. Recruiting Profile?When looking at and, it was a breeze finding contact information and the email addresses needed to contact recruiting experts and get yourself listed in their database of top players.  But it was definitely a challenge to find much at ESPN.  It may be because they want to keep the database limited or that they just don’t have enough staff at this point to really cover high school athletics (While that may change soon with ESPN Rise coming in August).

Anyways, I have done what I could to find as much contact information as I can to submit more information about yourself to ESPN.  The good news is that it does seem that they watch a substantial amount of tape and grade the players out.  While some are more accurate than others, this is at least a step in the right direction for their coverage.  For those curious, click here to see how they grade out prospective recruits.

Here is what I found regarding the staff at Scouts Inc. and ESPN.

Tom Luginbill is the National Recruiting Director for ESPN’s Scouts Inc. He has an extensive background in professional football talent evaluation and coaching. He played quarterback at Georgia Tech (1994) and Eastern Kentucky (1995).  No email address or contact information was listed.

Craig Haubert is the recruiting coordinator for Scouts Inc. and has more than a decade of coaching experience. Haubert was an assistant at the University of Nebraska-Omaha and also served as the FB/LB coach and director of football operations for the Detroit Fury of the Arena Football League.  You can email him here by filling out a contact information form.

Billy Tucker is a recruiting coordinator for Scouts Inc. and has close to a decade of coaching experience at the college and high school level. Tucker has served as a recruiting coordinator for two nationally ranked Division II colleges. Most recently, he was the associate head coach and defensive coordinator for Merrimack College, which advanced to the Sweet 16 in the 2006 NCAA Division II playoffs.  No email address or contact information was listed.

Bill Conley is a recruiting coordinator for Scouts Inc. who worked at Ohio State for 17 years as an assistant coach and recruiting coordinator. Since retiring from Ohio State in 2004, Conley has worked as a contributor and analyst for Columbus-area print and broadcast media and as a professional speaker. No email address or contact information was listed.

Paul Pawlak is a recruiting coordinator for Scouts Inc., who spent eight years as a personnel scout with the New England Patriots, including winning a Super Bowl ring for the 2001 season. He’s been a college head coach — 10 years at Northeastern University and four years at Tufts University. He also has 14 years experience as a college assistant coach.  No email address or contact information was listed.

You can also submit feedback to their site by clicking here and filling out this contact form.  I understand that ESPN is a huge nation wide side and you don’t want to put contact information out there but it was like pulling teeth to find what I did.  Best of luck getting your information posted.  If it is as hard as finding the contact information, it will take a while.

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8 Comments so far
  1. Tevin Bryant November 9, 2009

    I sent film in over night last week to the address at 2 Elm way in Andover, MA on this athlete ( Tevin Bryant) for his evaluation. The package tracking number is: 8709 1429 5781. Do you know when his evaluation will get done and when his Highlight footage will be added to his file?College Football Recruiting Prospects 2010 – ESPN
    Recruiting; Tevin Bryant: 40 : RB: 5’9″ 222: Braden River H.S. (FL) Undeclared: View Schools
    Thank you ,
    Donald Bryant

  2. admin November 9, 2009

    Maybe you should actually read the article before posting.

  3. Ted Randolph April 5, 2010

    My son, Ted Randolph #87 Tight End for Wake Forest who has just graduated in Dec 09 is not even listed on your list of 2010 draft prospects on the espn website. Can you tell me why?

    Thank you,

    Ted Randolph (father)

  4. admin April 5, 2010

    Ted Randolph,
    READ THE ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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