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Should I commit to a school even if I am not 100% so that I have a scholarship?

Posted by | October 30, 2014 | Comment

Should I commit to a school even if I am not 100% so that I have a scholarship?As I have mentioned many times in my recruiting definitions for parents and players, college coaches are prone to deadline an athlete during the recruiting process.  I even spoke with a college coach just yesterday about an athlete.  He said there was an athlete with an offer still waiting to decide but they had another kid ready to pull the trigger who does not have an offer.  If the first kid doesn’t decide soon, they will deadline him and move on.  And just for the sake of mentioning, this is from a Division II school.

When a college coach deadlines you in the athletic recruiting process, it is a difficult situation no matter how many scholarship offers you have.  But what makes it even harder is if there is only one athletic scholarship on the table and only interest from other schools.  If you are deadlined, is it worth committing to the school even though you are not 100% sure about it?


Updated Athletic Recruiting Definitions for Parents, Athletes, and Coaches

Posted by | October 29, 2014 | Comment

The importance of work ethic during the athletic recruiting processWhen talking about the recruiting process, there are a number of different terms and phrases that I use.  While it is something that I assume most people know, I do realize that for people new to the athletic recruiting process, some of these terms may go over your head.  So with that in mind, I have decided to start an article that has different definitions of athletic recruiting terminology.

This definitions article will hopefully be updated every few weeks or months as to help families throughout the recruiting process.  So if there is anything that you have questions about, please let us know so that we can get it added.  The list is in alphabetical order and has a quick definition on each term.  Also see the related articles on each definition as well.


What questions should I ask college football or basketball coaches on phone calls?

Posted by | October 28, 2014 | Comment

Big school or bust during the athletic recruiting processI recently wrote an article on the site related to how to act when college coaches call.  With this being busy such a time for seniors who have college potential in their chosen sport, there is no doubt that if you have the skills and have taken the steps to market yourself these coaches should be calling.

But with most teenagers, the coaches will seem to be the ones talking the majority of the time because they are trying to build a bond.  If these coaches don’t talk during most of the time, then there will be a lot of dead air and awkwardness.  If you want to take control of the athletic recruiting process yourself, you should not let this happen.  Instead, what you should be doing is asking questions and trying to find out as much as you can about the school.  Find out which questions are among the best now!


The best ways to keep track of your recruiting attention

Posted by | October 27, 2014 | Comment

Keeping track of your athletic recruiting attentionOne important aspect that may be a huge benefit to your recruiting process is staying organized. While it may seem easy, keeping track of all the attention that you receive is something that will help you make that final decision. It gives you a chance to look back at all of the schools you are considering before making a final college decision.

We will go through a variety of ways in which a recruit and their parents can track their attention. Some are easier than others but really, you are looking for a system that works well for you. It may be to write things down in a small notebook or put together an spreadsheet to determine which schools are after you when.


I’m a junior with football recruiting interest but no offers. What do I do right now?

Posted by | October 26, 2014 | Comment

I'm a junior with football recruiting interest but no offers.  What do I do?After having talked about what junior football players should do during the recruiting process before the season, I thought now would be a great time to update what I had previously talked about.  This mid-season review is just to help those juniors going through the football recruiting process.  It is not an easy time but you can help yourself by reading this article and doing these steps.

With September 1st being the first day that college programs can officially send you personalized mail (And not camp invites, my personal favorite), juniors should be able to start receiving mail at this point.  No matter what you say, there should be no excuses as to why you are not getting mail.  I will never buy the lines about waiting until later to get yourself out there or hoping that your junior season will catch the interest of college coaches.


How many college applications should I fill out during the athletic recruiting process?

Posted by | October 25, 2014 | Comment

How many college applications should I fill out during the athletic recruiting process?With the time it takes to fill out an application as well as the fee for each one, this would not exactly be something that high school athletes look forward to.  It is something that they will dread, especially one that requires an essay, simply because of the time and effort involved.  Teenagers spend enough time in school that they don’t want to do much critical thinking outside of the classroom.

But in order to find a college that perfectly fits you, these applications are needed in order to be accepted at the schools.  Basically this is a necessary evil and something the parents shouldn’t be taking care of (even though I know it happens all the time).  I personally believe that the recruiting process is a growing experience for athletes so doing this will help in the long run.  But how many of these should I be filling out?


When you should ask or bring up possibly walking on during the football recruiting process?

Posted by | October 24, 2014 | Comment

When you should ask or bring up possibly walking on during the football recruiting process?It may be tough to swallow but there may come a time when you realize that you are not good enough to receive a scholarship from State University during the athletic recruiting process.  It may have been your dream to receive that offer but with your position full of recruits, it doesn’t look good for it to be coming.

Since you have spent your life dreaming of playing at State University, that likely means the only route you could take to play there is by walking-on.  You may have to pay your own way and be at a disadvantage in terms of training tables but it be something you want to do.  With that in mind, when would be a good time to potentially ask or bring up possibly walking on at their program?


Schools that always talk about scholarship offers often during the athletic recruiting process

Posted by | October 23, 2014 | 1 Comment

Schools that always talk about scholarship offers during the athletic recruiting processIf you are using this site and learning more about the overall athletic recruiting process, I would assume that your goal is to land a college scholarship.  This scholarship will help offset the costs of getting a college education and could help you finish with a degree debt free afterwards.

So if that is your goal, your entire family is likely waiting to officially hear the words that a college will be offering you a scholarship.  This could come over the phone, in-person, or even in an official letter.  But what makes it tough on the journey is the college programs that through you off by saying how much they like you and how they are getting serious about an offer.  The problem is unless they actually pull the trigger on it, all the talk means nothing.


What does “We do not have any scholarships available” really mean in the football recruiting process?

Posted by | October 22, 2014 | Comment

What does "We do not have any scholarships available" really mean in the football recruiting process?I recently received an email from one of the most faithful fans and readers of this site stating that multiple schools recently told him that the school does not have any scholarships available.  There is no doubt that this athlete is extremely frustrated by hearing this response and feels that it may actually be a cheap excuse for them thinking he is not good enough.

But could some schools be telling the truth that they are actually out of scholarships?  With this being mid December, one would strongly think that very few football programs have all of their scholarships accounted for.  But if that is the case, then why are they feeding him this line?  I decided to take a look into what they meant and I am going to warn you that this will have some brutal honesty involved.


What are the reasons for college coaches to call prospective athletic recruits?

Posted by | October 21, 2014 | Comment

The Football Recruiting Process for Tight Ends and their Average SizeAs I will talk about later in a future article, there is no doubt in my mind that phone calls are a very important part of the recruiting process for all sports.  These are a great time as an athlete to get questions answered about the schools that you are looking into.  And if you have an organized system to track the recruiting process, you will also be able to take notes about each individual call.

While these calls are great for potential recruits, they are even more important for the coaches at the schools that are recruiting you.  These coaches are calling you for a number of different reasons and many have to do with making sure you know how interested they are in you overall.  Without further ado, here are some of the main reasons that college coaches will call prospective recruits: