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Would college coaches check the profiles on Twitter/Facebook of potential athletic recruits?

Posted by | July 1, 2015 | Comment

Location and the importance of it during the athletic recruiting processOne of the things that I have said when talking about the recruiting process is that it should be taken very seriously and considered almost as an early job interview.  For both, you need to stay extremely professional and impress either your future employers or future coaches.  Your resume or highlight video must wow them enough for them to offer you the job or the scholarship.

And something that prospective employers have been doing in recent years is looking up the names of their possible employees.  They check Google, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and anything else they can to come up with any dirt.  If they find photos of someone who gets drunk frequently, they may pass.  I feel strongly that college coaches would do the same during the recruiting process as well.


When can Division II schools recruit me for athletics? Why do I not have more attention?

Posted by | June 30, 2015 | Comment

When can Division II schools recruit me for athletics?As I have mentioned here in just about every article written, it is essential in the recruiting process to consider all of your options.  And while you may have grown up with Division I eyes, it may be time to consider other options.  They may essentially be back up options but the most important thing is that there are other possibilities to consider if your dream school does not work out.

So with that in mind, a great option to consider is looking at Division II schools.  While the schools are normally much smaller than Division I programs, that doesn’t mean athletics at these programs are played at a much lower level.  Many Division I athletes actually end up transferring to Division II schools.  If you are curious when these schools can recruit you, we have a few thoughts on the recruiting rules for Division II schools.


Doing the extra work to be a Division I athletic recruit and it will take effort and work

Posted by | June 29, 2015 | Comment

Doing the extra work to be a Division I athletic recruitGoing back in time to a place that seems like twenty years ago, I can freely admit I had little idea of the recruiting process.  I rarely got off the bench in basketball as a junior and still had thoughts that there was potential for me to play at the Division I level.  While size was on my side, coordination and skill definitely were not.  And neither was a realistic evaluation of my skill level.

And as I have talked about before, I ended up playing at the Division III level and had a solid career.  But that was after putting in what extra work before my senior year.  If I had worked harder in the weight room, done extra basketball workouts, ran, and put in that extra work, who knows what level I would have ended up at.  And that shows this extra work is a necessity for a number of athletes throughout the country trying to live their dream and play Division I athletics.


Changing high schools and how it could factor into the overall athletic recruiting process with letters, game tapes, and recruiting

Posted by | June 28, 2015 | Comment

Changing high schools and how it could factor into the overall athletic recruiting process with letters, recruiting, and game tapesTeenagers change high schools all the time in every part of the country.  It is something that basically happens everyday because of a job change by the parents.  And while most schools won’t raise a fuss about a choir member making the move to another school, the transfer of big name high school athletes always seems to find a way into the newspaper or message boards.

So what happens if you are that high school athlete who decides that changing schools will help you with the overall recruiting process?  It may help you in the future but there is no doubt that the key here is figuring out what to do regarding recruiting letters, getting full game tapes for your highlight video, and not burning bridges so that your former high school coach doesn’t talk negatively about you.


Am I screwed because I am not tall enough and should I expect college coaches to overlook me because of my height?

Posted by | June 27, 2015 | 1 Comment

Will a Division I college football coach overlook me because of my height?In the land of football recruiting, there is little doubt that college coaches at the Division I level are looking for the prototypical sizes out of players at each position.  They know what height they are looking for at quarterback, offensive tackle, defensive back, and every other non special teams positions (I have to admit that it does not matter much with kickers and punters).  This topic is something I have broken down in the Position-by-Position Recruiting PDF.

But the truth is that there are many undersized athletes out there that can play.  Go to any state and just about any conference.  There may be a 6-foot-1 offensive tackle who just dominates the opposition.  Or there may also be a 5-foot-10 quarterback who is unstoppable throwing and running the ball.  But will Division I college coaches look over these athletes?


Where can I save the most money at during the athletic recruiting process

Posted by | June 26, 2015 | Comment

Where can I save money at during the athletic recruiting processIt seems as if the majority of articles that I write about come from talking to either a parent or an athlete.  This will continue today because that is where I got the idea for this article.  I know I have talked about different ways to cut costs during the athletic recruiting process but felt that there are more things to talk about.

Anyways, I spoke with a father about the football recruiting process and what can be done for his son.  The dad said he didn’t want to be a “cheap ass” but also didn’t want to be throwing money around aimlessly either.  So for those non-cheap asses out there, here are some things to do in the recruiting process that will help save some money but not look completely terrible in the process doing it.


Can you over market yourself to college coaches in the athletic recruiting process and be too annoying?

Posted by | June 25, 2015 | Comment

Can you over market yourself to college coaches in the athletic recruiting process?Recently I talked about an athlete who did an excellent job marketing himself to college coaches.  This football recruit had put the time in to send out recruiting profiles that included links to his online highlights.  As I have said over and over again, this is a great way to get on the recruiting database for these college coaches.

This athlete was invited to a number of Junior Days across the country and he basically attended all of them.  If anything, I thought he was taking too much time and money to attend these Junior Days.  While it may look good in the eyes of the college coaches, attending every Junior Day near and far that you can get to is a mistake.  So I ended up speaking with this recruit late in the spring evaluation period.  Despite all that he had done, the athlete had zero phone calls from college coaches.  Was he over marketing himself in the first place?


What is the magic number of plays that should be included on a football highlight video to receive a college scholarship?

Posted by | June 24, 2015 | Comment

What is the magic number of plays that should be included on a football highlight video to receive a scholarship offer?Recruiting-101 talks constantly regarding the importance of putting together a highlight tape, especially during the football recruiting process.  And since every reader follows this advice (right?), you are working on figuring out the best way to showcase the skills of an athlete to be evaluated by a college coach.

But for those that go through seasons and seasons of tape for one highlight video, one question that obviously you will come up with is how many plays should be included on this video?  Should it be the more the merrier or short and sweet? …CONTINUE READING =>

A college football coach told me he only wants full game film. Should I quit making a highlight video during the recruiting process?

Posted by | June 23, 2015 | Comment

Big school or bust during the athletic recruiting processIn the football recruiting world, myself and many others have stressed the important of the highlight recruiting video.  We want you to spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars or use hour after hour of your own time putting one of these together.  And if you don’t, you will certainly hurt yourself in the football recruiting process.

So in speaking with a parent who attended a Junior Day, he told me that the offensive line coach at this major Division I-A (BCS) program told him that they don’t want highlight tapes, they want full game tapes.  So if I have been preaching time and time again about how you need a highlight tape to get recruited, is my stance changing?  Do you now just need to send out full game tape?


Football Recruiting Questionnaires: How important are they and should I fill all of them out?

Posted by | June 22, 2015 | Comment

Football Recruiting Questionnaires: How important are they and should I fill them out?For those football recruits out there reading this article, chances are strong that you have received at least one football recruiting questionnaire during the recruiting process. Because they are so repetitive in nature, some may consider them useless and may not take the time to fill out the forms. If you are doing that, I feel strongly that you are making a mistake.

The reason that these football recruiting questionnaires are sent out is so that college coaches can find out more about potential athletes. As I have mentioned before, college coaches have monster recruiting lists that they eventually whittle down. Coaches track who they send these to. And if an athlete doesn’t send back a football recruiting questionnaire, they are likely to take them off of their prospect list.